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Rifle Sights – Buying Guide

A rifle sight also known as an iron sight is a guiding mechanism which is used on a rifle to provide the shooter with a better aim and steadily towards a designated target whether it is an object, person or animal. A rifle sight is open and unmagnified which means it is not capable of […]

Red Dot Scopes

Firearm holders’ use Red Dot Scopes or Red Dot sights on firearms in order to increase their accuracy while they are shooting at their target. The red dot scope is a type of reflex sight that uses a red dot as a reticule onto your desired target, so the shooter knows exactly where they are […]

Reflex Sight Explained

Reflex sights can be classified as an optical device which reflects a reticule image or set of images such as a crosshair onto a target to allow an individual the ability to clearly see where on the target object your mechanism is heading. Reflex sights are often times mistaken for laser sights, which actually sends […]